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Nancy Dillard Lyon Murder Timeline

Nancy Dillard Lyon Murder Timeline
by Traciy Curry-Reyes

1957: Nancy Dillard Lyon moves to Dallas, Texas

1975: Nancy attended college majoring in Art and Political Science

1979: Nancy meets Richard

Feb 1982: Richard and Nancy Marry

1989: Nancy still tries to keep up appearances that the marriage is ok, although, Richard had many lovers. One significant affair was with Tami Ayn Gaisford, who now goes by the name Ayn
Agarwal (according to court transcripts the name is Ayn not Lyn)

1990: Though separated Richard would come over to help Nancy with her fire ants problem in the backyard. (note: the arsenic that was used to poison Nancy was originally intended to kill the fire ants) Nancy and Richard still maintained a sexual relationship.

January 8th, 1991:Nancy becomes ill. She is rushed to Presbyterian hospital by her husband Richard. Nancy, her father, as well as other family members tell the doctor that she started feeling ill after drinking soda and wine given to her by Richard. Nothing is done about it at the time. Many hours pass because the doctor said that he was waiting for Richard to leave in order to get a chance to speak with Nancy alone. When Richard finally left, Nancy was able to tell him about the wine and soda. She begged for her life: "`Please help me. Help me. Don't let me die.'"

January 14: 1991: Nancy is taken off of life support and pronounced dead. Her death caused by septic shock (initial finding)

January 15: 1991 Autopsy report shows arsenic poisoning and an investigation into her death is launched.

May 1991: Richard Lyons is arrested for murder

May 1991: Richard is released on $50,000 bond

December 1991: Jurors begin hearing testimony in the case

January 17, 1992: Richard Lyon is sentenced to life in prison w/ possibility of parole.

The Lyon's children were raised by Nancy's family. They are adults now.
Richard Allan Lyon is still incarcerated. He was denied parole in 2006. He has a life sentence.

Sources for extra reading

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